The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain

Special Events

90 Minute Special Demonstrations

7.00 non-members, 6.00 members
Selected Saturdays, 3.30pm to 5pm


Pauline Mason
George Lawson
Suzanne Gibson-Foy

Saturday January 27th
Pauline Mason: psychometry

Saturday February 3rd
George Lawson: psychometry

Saturday February 17th
Suzannne Gibson-Foy: mediumship


Pauline Mason
Terri Stromeyer
Dorothy Young

Saturday February 24th
Pauline Mason: mediumship

Saturday March 3rd
Terri Stromeyer: Mediumship

Saturday March 17th
Dorothy Young: psychometry


The life and times of Ivy Northage
Talk by Carol Wood

Including extracts from Chan’s trance teachings

Saturday February 10th, 5pm to 6.30pm

How did Ivy’s early years develop her independence and self-reliance?
Who rescued Ivy after her brother, Harry, led her into a nearly fatal escapade?
How did Ivy’s guide Chan, enter Ivy and Stanley, her husband’s life, and give instructions for her development?
Where and what happened when Ivy attended a demonstration of clairvoyance by Estelle Roberts and subsequently, what did Ivy promise Chan?
Why was Ivy surprised about her first platform demonstration of clairvoyance at Walthamstow, in October 1938, and who invited Ivy to work at the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain?

Extracts from Chan’s trance talks
Entrance 5.00

Carol Woods

Residential Weekend Seminar in Worthing, 2018

SAGB Worthing 2018 special event
SAGB Worthing event - Chatsworth Hotel SAGB Worthing event - Double room