The Spiritualist Association of Great Britain

Skype and Telephone Sittings
For those of you who are not easily able to visit us, we now offer telephone and Skype sittings.

The telephone sittings are to UK landlines only. You will need a Skype account in order to have a Skype sitting.

Please understand that the sitting is on a one to one basis. This means that the medium taking the telephone or Skype sitting can only speak to one person.

You can book your sitting in the normal way by calling 020 7931 6488. Please let reception know that you are booking a telephone or Skype sitting. We will guide you through the details. Also please bear in mind the time difference, if you are booking a Skype sitting from abroad. We can only offer Skype sittings during our opening hours.

In order to prepare for the sitting, it is best to wait alone in a quiet and calm space ready to receive your call. It may complicate your messages and your sitting if there are other people present in the room. Sit quietly and bring to mind all your loved ones who have passed to Spirit, and ask them to come close to you for your sitting.

35.00 for a 30 minute sitting by Skype or telephone